Perhaps one of the most misunderstood ideas we have about ourselves is, change. We have an idea of what and who we want to be and in the process of getting there, we lose site from moment to moment. Then the almighty discouragement steps in and we throw our hands up in the air. Set backs are common among us. It’s the same ol’ same ol’ jive. However, it doesn’t take long for us to get back on track, or does it. The 12 and 12 tells us that rebellion dogs our every step. A whole lifetime geared to self-centeredness cannot be set in reverse all at once. Step 7 in the 12 and 12, to me, is one of the greatest writtings besides the 4th step on human instincts. It deals with a multitude of change, desiering to let God take us and do with us what he wishes. Growing emotionally. Failure and misery transformed by humility. We have gained some measure of release from our more devestating handicaps. Gaining a new prospective was unbelievably painful. At this stage of our progress we are under heavy pressure and coercion to do the right thing. We are obliged to choose between the pains of trying and the certain penalties of failing to do so. We can’t work the steps out of the 12 and 12 because there are no directions in it. The directions are in the Big Book. There is freedom to be had in our lives from what once used to haunt us. And im not talking alcohol, im talking about defects of character. That’s what brought me into the program, and that’s what will take me out. Change does happen, but we have to work for it.

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  2. sillisa said: I can no longer imagine my brother staying sober. He might be one of those who just never “gets it.” How can he, if he refuses to acknowledge a higher power?! It’s stubbornness, all right. And that kills us. It’s screwing up my serenity badly.
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