Primary Purpose

Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. If we look at the word “Achieve”, it doesn’t mean just sit back and tell newcomers “90 meetings/90 days”, “get a sponsor”, or “just don’t drink”!! Really people!!! If we are alcoholic, we can’t just not drink! I couldnt and niether could many others. Then, when we don’t see the newcomer again, what do we say?! They don’t want what we have to offer. What the hell did we offer them?! Here’s what we offered them, words without actions. So, the word “Achieve” in most dictionaries I have come across means; To get or to gain; To get or attain as a result of exertion; (exertion means physical effort). Feel free to check for yourself. It’s the complete failure in 12 step work as outlined in our book, Alcoholics Anonymous, in case we have forgot. Sounds like I am preaching? Yes and no, because I have failed as well. We have a whole book with a proven success in recovery from alcoholism, if we follow what has been outlined for us. A design for living, it tells us. We hear alot of psycho babble bullshit around the tables today. People come in the rooms and try to work the steps off of the wall, and the directions are in the book. Simple ones at that. Or, they try to work the steps out of the 12 by 12, great information and helpful as it is, but there are still no directions. The directions are in the Big Book. What scares me is not the people still drinking and dying, what scares me are the people who are sober and dying, and they dont even know it! In order to help other alcoholics “achieve” sobriety, we must first have it ourselves. Not drinking is the bearest of the beginning. Our lives kind of hinge on a sponsor in the beginning, for we dont understand some things yet. If we have right sponsorship, then we have a good foundation. But when your new, how do you know this!? I can even go a little further here. If you are in early recovery and your sponsor has not taken you through the book, then you do not have and are not learning what Alcoholics Anonymous has to offer the alcoholic. But what you do have so far feels good and is working for you, right? Well, no, not for long. Good is often the enemy of best! Of course well feel good so far, we better, right. I did. All that is, is were not liviing in the chaotic nightmare on a daily basis, so of course we feel better. We must work the program of recovery or we die. I have seen it and so have you if you’ve been around here for any length of time.

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  3. sillisa said: What amazes me is how many long term sober aren’t sponsoring! When there’s a newcomer, they should be approached after the meet, and given phone numbers & encouragement! And sponsors who keep their sponsees in Step 1 for months on end! It’s crazy.
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